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1956 Fender Precision Bass - All Original

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A truly special bass that we are honored to offer here, this is by far the most important bass guitar that we have ever owned.  While Fender does not provide production records, it is believed there were only around 300 Precision Basses built in '56.  The bass dates to December of 1956 as can be seen on the butt end of the neck and in the pickup pocket.  The 2 color sunburst finish is all original and has all the beauty associated with nearly 70 years of Rock N Roll life!  It has the original single coil pickup with staggered pole pieces along with original large white pickguard and lower thumb rest, original bridge/tailpiece and original knobs, pots and wiring.  The pickup and bridge covers were unfortunately lost over the years and we do not have the original case, but it will come with a modern hard shell case.  The bass plays and sounds great and when you combine that with the amazing patina it has developed over the years, it just oozes with mojo - just check out the tic-tac-toe game that was played on the back!

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