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1957 Danelectro UB2 Baritone Guitar

Regular price $2,699.00

Super rare and desirable vintage Danelectro Baritone. Only produced for 4 years from 1956-1959. According to several sources this model is the first six-string bass also known as a Baritone Guitar. Used on heavy metal to surf music, from the 1950s to present day music. Much more rare than the Silvertone version produced after this model ended production. We could not find another for sale in the market.

U style body, Coke-bottle headstock, Lipstick pickups, concentric knobs, what we think is a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, original single-line Kluson tuners with hex nuts, original electronics, original bridge and hard to find original Tweed Case.

Solid condition with wear and tear, used but not abused and a great vintage patina (see numerous pics). There is what looks like a coil cord mark on the back (remember the unstable plastic on the cords than fused into the finish if left in contact in the case over time?). The pots are scratchy and we will leave it to the new owners to spray the pots to clean them. The jack plastic plate was replaced. The bridge saddle was replaced and shows multiple string grooves. There is tape on the case handle. New D’Addario XL Nickel 13-62 strings.

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