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1958 Korina Flying V Replica

Regular price $5,999.00

Truly one of the coolest guitars to ever walk in our doors is this superb custom replica of a 1958 Korina Flying V. Some of the best Korina (Limba) wood we have seen on one of these V guitars. This one has the vibe of a vintage model. Very light weight at a bit over 7 1/2 pounds. The fingerboard may be Brazilian Rosewood but we can’t really tell for sure. The neck is not super big and is very playable. It has boutique Corsa Manalishi pickups (middle position out-of-phase) and high-end electronics. Two-piece body and neck. Beautiful thin-skin type gloss finish with the right amount of aging toner. Very good condition with a ding by the low E tuner and light belt marks. Best sounding V we have had in here in a long time. Very resonant. Comes with a hard-shell case and it won't cost you 6 figures!!

Please note that this guitar is NOT made by Gibson and we are not associated with Gibson Brands, Inc.

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