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1963 Gibson J-50 Dreadnought

Regular price $3,499.00

Classic golden-era wide-nut Kalamazoo Dreadnought acoustic guitar. Used but not abused. A great player and a booming cannon. These pre-1965 Gibson J guitars with a ceramic saddle all seem to sound great.

There are no pickguard cracks which is unusual and good. There is an unrepaired 3” crack on the back lower bout. The top may have been over sprayed but we are not sure if it is that or just accumulated wear and exposure to fluorescent lights over the years. The tuners are original and are tarnished with some of the tuner posts bent. There is a loose brace on the back across the upper bout. Easy to glue.

We also recommend that the buyer have a competent luthier either reglue the bridge down as it is lifting a bit or replace it with a wooden one which would likely make it sound even better.

Ships in a 1980s Martin hard shell case.

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