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2 Denon DN-S3500 CD Players

Regular price $499.00


2 Denon DN-S3500 Professional Direct Drive CD/MP3 Players
(Sold as a pair only)

The DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player lets you perform freely as if you were using a real vinyl turntable thanks to its powerful 12-pole direct-drive brushless motor that delivers instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5kg/cm of startup torque within 0.5 seconds. Also, it comes with a spindle to tweak the pitch. Platter speeds are selectable from 33.3 or 45rpm.

This player is loaded with 7 onboard effects, including flanger, filter (high-mid-low), echo, and the world's first echo/loop with a dry/wet mix knob, plus 3 platter effects: brake (adjustable in real time), dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time), and reverse (platter spins backwards).

Also features full MP3 support with seamless looping with B point trim; MP3 hot starts; frame search; memo to save your cue points and loops; support for C.B.R. and V.B.R. decoding up to 320kbps; ID3 tags to display title, artist, and album; ID3 BPM tag (automatically recalls the BPM); and an MP3 file search system that allows you to easily locate files by name or folder.

Now you can play files from the same disc back to back with the DN-S3500's next track reserve function with crossfade. You can search for a song by name without interrupting playback and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth, nonstop mix. This player also lets you easily copy your perfect CD/MP3 seamless loop over to the sampler, even while it's playing. Get creative by exchanging your disc during sample playback, performing CD scratch overlays with the sampler, and many more cool tricks.

The DN-S3500 features a 2-way cue search system that supports traditional Denon cueing method as well as Pioneer's for whatever style you prefer. For DJs who perform long mixes, the DN-S3500 offers .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10% pitch range. 2 hot starts can be made on the fly and easily turned into seamless loops or used as stutter points.

This advanced player also features adjustable loop end point B trim, CD TEXT support, key adjust to keep music sounding true when track speed is adjusted, quick-loading slot-in drive, 2-way platter mode to scratch the CD source or the stored sample by the touch of a button with the active spinning platter, and a directional scratch lever to perform the same cuts as if you were using a mixer's crossfader. The 15-second sampler lets you sample any part of your CD/MP3 tracks on the fly and perform scratch overlays or even simple playback with full platter control and ±24% pitch control, B-trim, sampler volume, 4-way playback (loop/single/all/stutter)


  • High-torque direct-drive platter with a spindle to tweak the pitch
  • 33/45rpm speeds
  • 7 effects: echo, echo/loop, filter, flanger, brake, dump, and reverse
  • 15-second onboard sampler with sampler copy feature
  • Next track reserve with crossfade
  • Deep pitch resolution: .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10% pitch range
  • Hot start and seamless loop
  • Adjustable loop end point B trim
  • CD text support
  • Key adjust = master tempo
  • 2-way platter mode
  • CD memo function
  • 3-way BPM counter
  • CD Memo function
  • Power on play
  • Relay play
  • Play lock
  • Eject lock
  • 7" record adapter
  • 100mm long stroke pitch slider
  • 3-way pitch bend
  • Large flourescent tube display
  • Quick jump
  • Instant start (0.02 sec)
  • Cue Stutter
  • EOM
  • CDRW disc compatible
  • Fader start control terminal
  • Digital output
  • Pitch control range:
  • CD: ±4% (0.02% step), ±16%, ±24% (0.1% step), ±50% (0.5% step), ±100% (0.1% step)
  • MP3: ±4% (0.02% step), ±10% (0.05% step), ±16% (0.1% step)
  • Shock-proof memory:
  • CD: 20 seconds
  • MP3: 100 seconds

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