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2005 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Reverse Proto Stratocaster

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This is without a doubt one of the coolest Fender Custom Shop guitars that we have ever had.  A limited edition Master built by Dennis Galuszka, Fender made this model in 1979/1980 as a “prototype” of a Hendrix model that never went into production. Several were made and the most famous one was owned and played by Stevie Ray Vaughan. John Mayer has one that was used as the example that the 2005/2006 run of 100 pieces was made from.

The guitar features a belly-cut contour on the front of the body and comes with the original CUSTOM SHOP Limited Edition case. The Closet Classic finish that makes it look like it was played a few times. Included with the guitar are the Custom Shop COA, DVD interview with the Master Builder and John Mayer, as well as all the case candy (see pics). Also included that was not with the guitar from Fender is a picture of SRV playing his guitar, a strap like SRV’s with the musical notes and the Guitar magazine with John Mayer discussing this model.

The guitar is in excellent original condition and was purchased for collecting purposes. The case shows some wear and the outline of a sticker.

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