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Beats by Dr. Dre Detox Limited Edition Headphones

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Engineered and artfully designed with the pro in mind, Beats By Dre Detox Black Limited Edition Headphones were built from the ground up with the cooperation of audio professionals. The Beats Detox Headphones deliver pro-caliber even response and passive sound isolation, revealing every note with distortion- free clarity. And just as important, Beats Detox Headphones are constructed for heavy duty use, featuring a light, yet rugged, industrial aluminum frame to endure intense use. Plus, the unique flip up ear cups and dual input/output cable ports give the ultimate convenience.
Extraordinary Driver Technology for Pro-Caliber Sound
Engineered with advanced technology and made from special materials to deliver incredible accuracy.
Superior Sound Isolation
Increased ear cup foam density and precise fitting shut out external noise to preserve Beats Pro incredible accuracy, extreme clarity and hard punchy bass.
Special Cable and Locking Connector for Easy Mobility
Long cable with 3 inch coil frees you to move around without getting tangled up. Plus, a locking connector keeps the cable securely plugged into the headphones.
Monster Design Flip-up Ear Cups
Ear cups flip-up completely. Monitor external sound, do a quick check in the club or studio without taking the headphones off.
Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Stands up to heavy use and rough treatment for long life. Metal construction won't resonate and introduce artifacts that interfere with the sound.
Built from strong yet lightweight aluminum, Beats Pro resists vibrations, so you never hear unwanted artifacts even after years of heavy duty use.
Plush and washable ear cushions
Yields superior sound isolation with maximum comfort and minimal ear fatigue. Removable and washable because you want the beats funky, not your headphones.
Patent-Pending Proprietary Dual Input/Output Cable Ports
When you plug your headphone cable into the right or the left ear cup, the other port serves as an output so you can daisy chain multiple headphones.
Soft and Comfortable Ear Cushions
Plush ear cushions you can wear for hours. Removable for replacement.
Extreme High Power Handling
Designed for flawless use with even the most powerful professional gear.
Supreme Durability
All metal construction and rugged aluminum frame for longevity.
Threaded 1/4-inch Adaptor with Attached Tether
Making sure all your parts are in one place isn’t always easy. The Heavy duty, gold plated 1/4-inch adaptor with attached tether eases the woes of missing parts.

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