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Bose 601 Series III Speakers

Regular price $849.00

Bose 601 series III stereo speakers have what it takes to make home audio sound amazing. These Bose speakers have an 8 ohm impedance that can produce loud, powerful sounds even when used in a system without a strong amplifier. Having a strong amplifier, of course, can make the experience even better. These Bose speakers can withstand up to 200-watts, so they can handle most amps found in home audio systems. The Bose 601 series III design has 2-way speakers that allow it to handle upper, middle, and low frequencies without distortion. As the main speakers in a surround sound system, the Bose 601 series III can work well with other components through its cable inputs. Although they have a floor-standing design, their fairly small size (30-inches tall by 12-inches wide by 12.5-inches deep) makes them suitable for just about any room. Owners will like using these stereo speakers because they offer exceptional sound clarity and power that makes any home audio or entertainment system more enjoyable.

The speakers are pre-owned and in excellent physical and working condition.


Because of the size and weight of these speakers, they must be picked up in our store.

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