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Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Theater System

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Quite simply, the best home theater system that we have ever heard!  This system is in like new condition and includes everything that you see in the photos.

The premier home entertainment system from Bose®

Bose Lifestyle 650 home theater system

The elegant Bose® Lifestyle® 650 system delivers full wraparound sound for your movies, shows, and music.

Want the best all-in-one surround sound system that Bose® has to offer? You're looking at it. The Bose® Lifestyle® 650 home theater system features the company's most sophisticated slim-line speakers yet. Over 30 designers and engineers collaborated to create the tiny OmniJewel® speakers. These compact satellite speakers are crafted of milled aluminum, and each one projects detailed sound in an omnidirectional, 360-degree pattern. The result is more involving surround sound that will elevate movie nights and binge-watching to another level.

The wider, aluminum-coated center channel speaker has five built-in drivers to help spread out the sound and make dialogue easy to hear. A sleek, glass top media control console handles all your audio or video sources – including 4K Ultra HD content. Plus, the surround speakers and the powerful Acoustimass®bass module communicate wirelessly for flexible placement. (Both the rear speaker module and Acoustimass® module plug into AC outlets for power.)

Wireless multi-room audio — Bose-style

Bose® SoundTouch® technology gives you an easy first step into whole-house music. It lets you stream online music services like Pandora® and Spotify® over Wi-Fi®, along with your library of downloaded songs. Built-in Bluetooth® lets you pair your phone to listen to any app you choose. Expand your system into different rooms by adding other SoundTouch® speakers. A helpful mobile app guides you through setup step by step, and it lets you control your whole system with your phone or tablet. Six preset buttons on the included remote give you quick, easy access to your favorite albums, internet radio stations, or playlists.

Easy setup and sound tailored to your room

Bose® can take cutting-edge stuff and make it really simple to use. For example, you can just plug all of your audio/video sources into the Bose® Lifestyle® 650's media control console and let the built-in Unify® technology take over. There are six total HDMI inputs – all 4K-ready. The system sends all connected video sources to your TV via a single HDMI connection, with resolution up to 4K.

The company's ADAPTiQ® auto calibration optimizes the system's settings for your room's unique size, shape, and furnishings. I've see it in action several times in our training room, and always walk away impressed. It even works through extreme examples of sound-muddying resonance — Bose sometimes covers speaker with coffee cans! If ADAPTiQ® can make that sound clear, think of how precisely it can dial in the sound in your living room.

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