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Boss ME-70 Guitar Effects Processor

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A multi-effects unit that’s as easy as a stompbox — that’s the beauty of the new ME-70. The friendly, knob-laden design makes tone creation a snap, but with a powerful COSM AMP section derived from the GT-10, the ME-70 takes the “EZ effects” concept to new heights.

    • Dedicated knobs for each parameter for fast, friendly operation
    • New COSM Preamp section derived from GT-10 and Legend series
    • EZ TONE for quick, easy editing
    • Four footswitches and Expression pedal
    • PHRASE LOOP function in DELAY section, with 38 seconds of recording time
    • Battery or AC (optional PSA-120s) operation
    • Amazing Amps, Preamps, & FX

      In addition to its stellar COSM amp models and effects, the ME-70 is outfitted with a new COSM Preamp section derived from BOSS’s GT-10 and Legend series. With the ME-70 you can dial up a world of tone, from classic to cutting-edge, and with simplicity and speed.

    • Stombox Ease

      It’s powerful and potent, yet the ME-70 offers the ease of a stompbox. The simple knob-based controls for each effect section makes dialing in tone easier than ever, especially with the innovative EZ Tone feature. And when you want to kick in an effect, just step on one of the four footswitches. Think of it as an array of stompboxes melded into one convenient pedalboard.

    • Phrase Looper

      The ME-70’s Delay section is equipped with a dedicated Phrase Looper, which offers a lengthy 38 seconds of recording time. Play a riff, capture and loop it, and solo over it, all in real time onstage. Amaze your audience with multi-layered magic live onstage.

    • Extra Expression

      Breathe life into your performances with the built-in Expression Pedal. Simply dial up one of the six pre-programmed pedal-control destinations (Wah, Voice, +1 Octave, -1 Octave, Mod Rate, and Delay Level), put your foot down, and express yourself.

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