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Corsa Manalishi Electric Guitar - 2013

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Larry Corsa is a world renowned guitar builder, player and replacement parts distributor. He has made about 100 Manalishi guitars in the last 10 years since his best guitar model was introduced. Larry had a goal to emulate the Peter Green tone and expand from there.

His best guitars like this one have a Brazilian fingerboard, Manalishi pickups and Faber bridge and tailpiece. Mr. Corsa also put a mother of pearl Corsa logo between the pickups. 

This guitar's top looks very similar to Jeff Beck's Oxblood Les Paul color. Also, this guitar has a one-piece maple top with a barely visible flame under the finish. The guitar is in excellent condition, weighs 7 pounds, has a 60s type neck and the frets are not worn. The pickguard is currently in the custom Corsa guitar case.

See additional pictures and a video of the guitar here:

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