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Drumcraft Series 8 Birch 14" x 5" Snare Drum

Regular price $199.00

DrumCraft series 8 wood snare drums are the working horse in every setup made from either 8-plies Siberian Birch or North American Maple these fine instruments react to every players style the way he wants. Their stylish looks with the satin lacquer finish and satin chrome HW underpins the technical perfection in design. But more than that it is about sound control. Whether you prefer ultra low fat tuning or the short high pitch attack of side snare – it’s all there.

You get total tuning independence with the 2.5mm projection hoop that holds even tension and, as the name already applies, enhances the drums sonic projection.

The Nickel Drumworks throw off works as smooth as silk and every little nuance of your snare preferred style is put in motion.

  • 8-ply full Birch

  • Nickeldrumworks Throw off

  • 2.5mm Projection Hoop

  • Stainless steel tension rods

  • 13” and 14” Snares equipped with REMO USA Controlled sound batter heads

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