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Epiphone B.B. King Lucille

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A guitar with a background story to rival rock's greatest tales, Lucille has always carried a shroud of mystique. Epiphone has worked to capture what makes the guitar great in their incredibly versatile and player-friendly B.B. King Lucille model.

Built B.B.'s Way

B.B. King tweaked his semi-hollow body guitar years ago to plug the f-holes. The result was reduced feedback, and a guitar that can truly wail without any whine. Apart from that modification, King's guitar is largely a standard semi-hollow guitar, sporting dual cutaways for enhanced high fret access and a bold-looking pickguard. The guitar's maple laminate body and top are lightweight and bolster a natural resonance. Also boosting sustain is the set-in maple neck and its pau ferro fretboard.

Capture Any Blues Tone

A true superstar, B.B. King transcended the blues -- and he relied on Lucille's ability to deliver a palette of different sounds. Epiphone puts this versatility in guitarists' hands by including the VariTone system on this signature model. The six positions on the knob each cut out different frequencies, with one offering a clean bypass. Flipping through the positions, you'll hear Lucille's voicing change from full, throaty humbucker growl to twangy sounds more akin to a single coil pickup. Switching between the Alnico Classic pickups and adjusting the volume and tone knobs make for almost unlimited range of tone.

Hardware Fit for a King

Lucille boasts upgraded hardware that makes this guitar an even-more player friendly choice. It's TP-6 fine-tuning tailpiece lets you make micro adjustments to each string after tuning at the headstock. Players who really want to feel like B.B. on stage can use Lucille's dual outputs to connect the guitar to two separate amps. It's an effective way to add even more tonal options or to hear stereo effects truly shine.


- Maple laminate back and sides
- Semi-hollow body without f-holes to fight feedback
- Set maple neck
- 22-fret pau ferro fretboard
- Alnico Classic humbuckers in bridge and neck position
- VariTone system offers six different tonalities
- Three-way pickup selector
- Volume and tone controls for each pickup
- TP-6 fine-tuning tailpiece
- Stereo outputs

Play the blues like the master himself with the Epiphone B.B. King Lucille.

The guitar is preowned and in very good condition and ships in the original hard shell case.

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