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Epiphone Ultra 339 Electric Guitar

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The Ultra-339 is for guitarists seeking the power of the Ultra-III's breakthrough electronics in an ES-style guitar, featuring Epiphone's legendary ES semi-hollow body construction in a reduced sized, the new Ultra-339 will take your guitar playing to the Ultra-level! Case sold separately.

The guitar is preowned and in excellent condition.  It ships in the original hard shell case.

The Birth of a Legend
First introduced in the late '50s at our legendary Kalamazoo factory, the ES series became an instant rock classic, bringing the look and feel of an archtop to a generation of players who had grown up playing solid body guitars like the Les Paul. The ES-335, the first in the ES series, was an instant success. But for many players who were used to smaller solid body guitars, the ES-335 felt too bulky to play on stage. The new Epiphone Ultra-339 is the perfect remedy, featuring smaller body dimensions while still retaining the bell-like tone the ES series is famous for. And best of all, the Ultra-339 is loaded with Ultra technology!

Great Tonewoods
While the Ultra-339 is packed with cutting edge technology, it still maintains the same basic specifications that made ES-style guitars the choice of two generations of artists from Chuck Berry to B.B. King to Alex Lifeson. The Ultra-339 features a laminated maple body with a solid center block, classic f holes, and a comfortable 24.75" scale SlimTaper "D" profile mahogany neck, which is glued-in with a mortise and tenon neck joint. The 12" radius rosewood fingerboard has 22 medium jumbo frets just like vintage ES-style archtops, a 1.68" nut and mother-of-pearl dot inlays. The Ultra-339 comes in three beautiful color finishes: Cherry, Natural and Vintage Sunburst.

Two Great Pickup Systems in One Guitar
At the heart of the new Ultra-339 are two pickup systems. The classic pickup system features Epiphone's new ProBucker humbucker pickups”a ProBucker-2 in the neck position and a ProBucker-3 in the bridge position. Both are patterned after Gibson's famous BurstBuckers and are wound to the same specs as the Kalamazoo factory's legendary PAF pickups.

Epiphone's ProBuckers feature authentic 18% nickel silver base and cover, Elektrisola wire, accurate bobbins, slugs and screws and sand casted Alnico-II magnets to give you that classic "Patent Applied For" airy tone that defines rock and roll.

The second pickup system features Shadow Germany's patented NanoMag pickup embedded discretely at the end of the fingerboard. Featuring three samarium cobalt magnets, an air coil, and active electronics, this low-impedance pickup captures subtle body acoustics and string harmonics. Together, you get powerful humbucker-driven rock crunch as well as shimmering acoustic-like tones and everything in-between.

One-Of-A-Kind Electrics Built-in
Built discretely into the bridge pickup mounting ring is a full-function, chromatic tuner. Just push the ON/OFF button and sound is immediately muted when the tuner is activated. Eleven color-coded LED's identify the note and whether it's sharp, flat or in-tune. Also, to allow quick and seamless changes between each pickup system, the Ultra-339's NanoMag Volume control now doubles as an A/B switch. Just push it in and quickly toggle between ProBuckers, NanoMag or both pickup systems with no delay and no "pop." Two additional LED's on the pickup mounting ring provide a visual indicator of which pickup system is active (Red=NanoMag; Blue-Magnetic or Red/Blue=Both).

Hook-Up Directly To Your Computer
The Ultra-339 features three different outputs. By using the standard 1/4" MONO output, both the ProBuckers and NanoMag are mixed into one signal. Plug in an additional 1/4" cable into the STEREO output, and the ProBuckers are routed through one cable and the NanaMag the other. In this way, you can send the ProBuckers to your favorite guitar amp and the NanoMag to a PA or an acoustic guitar amp. Using the A/B switch, you can now change "on-the-fly" between the two outputs.

The third output is USB. Using a USB cable (included with the Ultra 339), you can plug directly into your computer and use guitar applications such as Native Instruments GuitarRig 4LE to play your Ultra-339 through a variety of simulated amplifiers and effects and listen through your computer speakers or headphones. GuitarRig also features a recorder, a metronome, a tuner and much more.

Epiphone Hardware
Epiphone hardware is the best in the business and the Ultra-339 features Epiphone's patent-applied-for LockTone locking Tune-o-matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece for increased sustain and string changing ease as well as quality Wilkinson 14:1 ratio vintage style machine heads with tombstone buttons for tuning accuracy and stability.


  • Compact ES-339 body style
  • Great tonewoods with laminated maple body
  • Two pickups systems: ProBucker and NanoMag
  • Seperate and combined pickup outputs
  • Advanced electronics with tuner and USB audio output



  • Body Type: Reduced-Size Classic "ES" Style with F-holes
  • Species: Laminted Maple body with Solid Center Block
  • Binding: 1-ply Cream
  • Adhesive: Premium Titebond


  • Species: Mahogany
  • Profile: Slim Taper„¢ "D" 1960s
  • Truss Rod: Standard
  • Adhesive: Premium Titebond

Neck Fit

  • Joint: Mortise & Tenon
  • Adhesive: Premium Titebond
  • Joint Angle Tolerance: +/- .015"


  • Species: Rosewood
  • Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
  • Radius: 12"
  • Scale Length: 24.75"
  • Inlays: Mother-of-Pearl Dot
  • Binding: Single -ply White Binding


  • Material: PVC Imitation Bone
  • Width: 1.68"
  • Headstock:
  • Type: Classic Epiphone Sloped Dovewing
  • Logo: Mother-of-Pearl '60s Era Epiphone Logo with "Crown" Inlay
  • Truss Rod Cover: Kalamazoo Era "Bell Shape" with "Ultra ES-339" Engraving


  • Model: Wilkinson„¢ Vintage with Tinted Green Tulip Buttons
  • Plating: Nickel
  • Tuning Ratio: 14:01


  • Type: Locktone„¢ Tune-O-Matic
  • Plating: Nickel


  • Material: Stopbar
  • Plating: Nickel


  • Knobs: Black Top Hat Knobs with Metal Inserts and Points
  • Pickguard: Black with Classic "E" Epiphone Insignia and Black/White Binding
  • Pickup Mounting Rings: Black
  • Strap Buttons: Die-cast steel, Nickel Plated
  • Strings: .010 - .046, Swedish Steel "Hex" Core


  • Neck Position: ProBucker-2„¢ (Alnico II)
  • Bridge Position: ProBucker-3„¢ (Alnico II)
  • Fingerboard: Shadow„¢ NanoMag„¢ Humbucker (Cobalt)


  • Potentiometers: 2 Volume Controls, 2 Tone Controls
  • Back Controls: NanoMag„¢ Gain
  • NanoMag„¢ Treble EQ:
  • NanoMag„¢ Bass EQ:
  • Coil Wiring: Hand-soldered and Machine Wound
  • Toggle Switch: 3-way Toggle with White Cap
  • Chromatic Tuner: On/Off Switch
  • A-G LED Note Indicators
  • # LED Indicator
  • High Pitch
  • Low Pitch
  • In-Tune LED Indicators
  • Output: 1/4" Mono (both signals blended)
  • 1/4" Stereo
  • USB (Computer supplies power to Ultra-III when connected):
  • Power: 9 Volt battery (except when connected to computer USB)

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