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Fender Steve Bailey Jazz Bass VI 6-string

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When you play the Fender Steve Bailey VI 6-string bass guitar you're in good company with an instrument design backed by the success of Steve Bailey himself. Bailey is known as a player's player. He's an instructional author with an impressive list of performing and recording credits, including Dizzy Gillespie, the Rippingtons, and Jethro Tull.

The fretted version of the Fender Steve Bailey Jazz Bass VI is a phenomenal vehicle for self-expression that offers you the opportunity to explore a virtually limitless tonal palette in the quest to define your own voice on the instrument. From silky singing cello-like tones to the thundering bottom end that only a beautifully executed low "B" string can produce. This is also the first 6-string bass ever produced by Fender.

The 6-string Fender J-Bass has a select alder body; a quartersawn maple neck with an asymmetrical profile; a 9.5" to 14" compound-radius, 2-octave ebony fingerboard; custom Fender pickups; 18-volt active electronics, an onboard mute switch; onboard active EQ, a heavy-duty fully adjustable Fender locking bridge; and Bailey's initials on the back of the headstock.

Overall, the bass is in excellent condition.  There is a small chip on the upper horn and there are a couple of small scuffs/scratches but nothing that really takes away from overall beauty of the guitar.  Comes with an aftermarket hardshell case.

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