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Fred Paris Force 10 Diamond Necklace

Regular price $999.00

Force 10 small model necklace Force 10 in white gold and diamonds.


  • 18K white gold

  • Length of the chain: 40 cm. (app. 15")

  • Size adjustment: 38 cm and 40 cm. (app. 14" & 15")

  • 24 brilliant cut white diamonds: 0.11 carat* / G-V

Current retail price $1999 (1900)

The Force 10 collection can be worn in a thousand and one ways, every day, as one wishes. Both timeless and modern due to its interchangeability, its unisex aesthetic adapts to each personality. By orchestrating the unexpected encounter between a braided steel sailing cable and a gold buckle, two materials that had previously seemed polar opposites, FRED made its mark on the history of jewellery. A striking avant-garde vision, this bracelet has since inspired a collection that is both relaxed and bejewelled which offers worn for women and men through bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, with or without diamonds, but also sunglasses. To the original creative daring was added versatility, and an energetic spectrum of upbeat colour.

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