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James Avery La Primavera Cross and Chain

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James Avery Sterling Silver La Primavera Cross with 18" Spiga Chain

The La Primavera Cross (medium version) is 1 11/16" long. 

The La Primavera cross was designed by Mr. Avery in the 1970's and has been an Avery favorite ever since. The cross combines Christian symbols with those of spring to express feelings of hope and love. The dove in the center of the cross is a sign of God's reconciliation with man, based on the story of Noah's Ark found in Genesis. It is also a symbol of purity and peace. The Ichthus at the very bottom of the cross is an ancient symbol for Christ, and the leaves, flower, and the sun on the arms and at the top of the cross relate to the warmth and new life of spring. The name, La Primavera, is Spanish for "the season of spring".
The cross comes with a sterling sliver James Avery Extra Heavy Spiga Chain that is 4mm wide and is 18" long.
Comes with original box, pouches and papers.

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