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Kramer DMZ4001 Aluminum Neck Bass Guitar

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Here is a killer bass guitar that will help you relive those early 80s glory days.  The Kramer DMZ 4001 has a maple and walnut body with the signature famous aluminum neck.  The inserts in the neck for these guitars were usually walnut but this one appears to have koa inserts!  It has active electronics with a power and coil tap switch along with volume and tone knobs.  I'm not sure if the knobs are original and one of them is cracked/broken on the underside but they can easily be replaced and the screws from the cover plate are not original and also should be replaced.  Overall the guitar is in very good condition with the obvious wear that you would expect from 35+ years of playing but there are no signs of any cracks or repairs that I can see.

This is a bad ass guitar that is aching to be played LOUD!!

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