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Kramer XL-8 Aluminum Neck 8-String Bass Guitar

Regular price $1,299.00

This is easily one of the coolest bass guitars that we have ever had.  I remember having one in the store about 25 years ago (the days before easily accessible info on the interwebs!) and being blown away by how cool and scary looking it was...and it had 8 strings!!

This Kramer XL8 is from 1980 (there was a pot in the case dated 1980 so...) and is in excellent condition with no signs of any cracks or repairs.  The cherry finish is very nice with the wear that you would expect from 35+ years of a hard rock 'n' roll life!  It comes with the original hardshell case.  One side of the handle is broken which comes as no surprise since the guitar weighs about 800 lbs!!

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