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Paul Reed Smith Carlos Santana SE One Abraxas - Signed!

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Only 100 of this model PRS guitar was made and only 12 were signed personally by Carlos Santana. Letter of Provenance included.

Unused excellent collectors condition. PRS gig bag and case candy included.

Named “Abraxas” after what is arguably Carlos Santana’s most widely known and critically-acclaimed album to date, this model is patterned after the Les Paul Special which was the guitar played by Santana during the first few years of the band’s history. As such, it has a single-cutaway, single-cut mahogany body, with no binding at all.

Further cementing the “vintage” feel of this guitar is the standard “stop tail” bridge, as well as the “soap bar” pickup in the bridge position. Similar to the P-90 pickups boasted by the Gibson Les Paul Special, it has a plain plastic cover with a row of screws running through the center.

 It should be noted that while Gibson Les Paul Specials had two pickups (bridge and neck), the SE One Abraxas has only a single pickup. Evidently, Paul Reed Smith and Santana were shooting for minimalism on this guitar, as the only control is a single volume knob, placed fairly close to the bridge.

Even more striking than the configuration of this Abraxas guitar is its appearance. It is available in only one color: an off-white, semi-opaque finish called “Whitewash.” The oblong, organically-shaped pickguard (tortoise shell) begins at the neck, wraps around the pickup and bridge, and ends up just below the Volume control.

On the body of the guitar is an iconic graphic from the Abraxas album cover: a winged woman straddling a conga drum. Marking the 12th fret is an abalone inlay of a peace sign; the other fret markers are abalone dots which are formulated to mimic the moon in a “waxing crescent” phase. The whitewash finished is carried up to the headstock.

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