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Pearl Signature Series Omar Hakim Snare Drum

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Pearl's original snare collaboration with groove drumming legend Omar Hakim sports a 13”x5” power piccolo shell with 6-plies of exotic African Mahogany. Its reduced diameter and extended depth helps produce the perfect blend of sonic power, projection and tonal color. Mahogany shell and "Power Piccolo" size help produce a blend of sonic power, projection and tonal color.

With an unparalleled list of recording and touring credits under his belt, Omar Hakim is a truly original drumming persona. His quest for unique sound and feel lead to the snare drum that now bears his name.

A perfect blend of sonic drive, projection and tonal color, Omar's Pearl Signature Snare Drum offers a unique voice that many call the "Power Piccolo" sound. The characteristic warmth and slightly darker/drier sound of its all Mahogany shell, combined with its unique 13"x5" size, produces a tonally unique, powerfully dynamic, and totally unforgettable voice.

SIZE - 13”x5”

SHELL - 6-ply African Mahogany

HOOPS - 2.3mm SuperHoop II


RODS - 8 Per Side


STRAINER - SR015 Gladstone-Style


COLOR - #140 Natural Mahogany

MODEL - OH1350


This drum is preowned and in excellent condition.

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