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Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 CD & MP3 Turntable

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The Pioneer genes are clear in the CDJ-1000MK3. The deck offers the
same robust build beloved by club owners and DJs, is finished in the
familiar high-quality polished look and remains faithful to the clean, clear
layout that has become the accepted format for tabletop CD decks. But
the subtle revisions add more intuition, make it easier to transport music,
and improve track info: refinements that make cueing, looping, scratching
and stretching a track easier than ever.

With full MP3 support, including VBR files, intelligent features such as the
direct folder search button allow DJs to quickly access files within folders
on the disc for intuitive, fast cueing. A total wide tempo range (+70% to
-100% for MP3) also gives greater control than many competitor models.

The CDJ-1000MK3 includes a unique JOG feeling adjust. It tailors the
deck to performers’ individual styles by quickly and easily altering the
resistance of the wheel, which benefits from a new metallic ‘non-slip’ finish.
The visibility and detail of the information shown on the 360° JOG Display
is also improved: the fluorescent display has been raised, increasing
brightness. The cue marker is larger and new 45° angle marks make it easier
for scratch DJs to time their effects. The track display has similarly advanced.
Its resolution has been doubled, the lighting is multicolour and, as well as
displaying the total number of tracks and track position, the WAVE data and
playing address details are extended so that a DJ can see a track’s entire
length at a glance. HOT CUE is now partnered by a new HOT LOOP feature
that stores up to three loops per track. The buttons are backlit orange for the
loop and green for the cues while the re-loop button is now also backlit.
A further addition is ‘resume play’; the deck will restart playing from the
same point if a CD is ejected accidentally.

In keeping with the high quality components of the CDJ-1000MK3, gold RCA
connectors are fitted along with a digital out for connection to digital mixers
such as the DJM-800 / DJM-1000, ensuring the highest level of sonic purity
available. Subtle design changes like the metallic master tempo button also
mark the player as the third generation of the industry standard deck.

The new features add to the unique capabilities of the CDJ-1000MK2 and
ensure that, as single tabletop CD systems cement their position as the
dominant market platform, Pioneer continues to define the mark for digital
DJing: a level that has again been raised by listening to and acting on feedback
from DJs.

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