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Rane TTM 57SL Professional DJ Mixer

Regular price $699.00

An amazing professional DJ mixer that is in excellent physical and working condition and includes the Road Ready case as shown.  

The Rane TTM-57SL is a professional two-channel DJ mixer designed with an integrated USB interface and control surface for use with Serato Scratch Live software. The design eliminates the need for the external USB interface box and software control is established right from the mixer. The package includes Serato Scratch Live software, two vinyl and CD control discs.

A total of 12 "soft" switches are provided and are assignable for use with Scratch Live, or controlling internal effects. An internal, dual digital effects processor features echo and filter effects for processing audio right out of the box. The non-contact, magnetic faders feature zero travel noise, bleed and a mechanical life that exceeds 10 million strokes. The fader is also tolerant to moisture, smoke, temperature and other elements that are known to accelerate wear.

The TTM-57SL delivers additional features such 3-band accelerated slope EQ controls on each channel, balanced and unbalanced outputs. The mixer is an all-in-one solution to professional lap-top DJs in need of a professional portable mixer and software package that will accommodate all their needs.

Serato Scratch Live Interface and Control
The TTM-57SL features a USB output and "soft" switched for complete integration and control over Serato Scratch Live DJ software.
Non-Contact Crossfader and Channel Faders
Originally reserved for the most demanding industrial and aerospace applications, non-contact magnetic position sensor technology is implemented into the design of the crossfader. The result is a crossfader without travel noise, bleed and a mechanical life that exceeds 10 million strokes.
Built In Effects
The mixer's dual digital effects engine produces echo and filter effects right out of the box.
Contour Adjust Controls
All faders feature contour adjustment for smooth transitions or quick cuts and scratches.
Accelerated Slope EQ
Rane's Accelerated Slope 3-band EQ is featured on each channel. The EQ provides accurate frequency adjust and frequency kill.
Flex FX Send and Return
Flex FX send and return I/O provides routing to external effects processors.

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