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Vintage 1955-1958 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Model Amp

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Gibson 1955-1958 Vintage GA-40 Les Paul Model Amp with Tremolo, 4-Input and Manual

There are a few iconic Gibson amps and this is one of them. Has the features and tone that make this a studio favorite for cleaner than Fender sounds and that gritty brown blues tone when cranked-up. Gibson has a good article on their site about these amps. Here is a taste: “GA-40s with two-tone covering made between 1956 and ’59 are generally the most desirable, because they also house the preferred circuit and tube configuration for this model.”

Two tone brown leatherette and tweed. Les Paul Model badge on amp. Brown wicker type grill cloth. Jensen P12-P speaker with code 220846. We count 7 tubes but are not amp experts. Two-channel, 4-input, master tone, 2-volume, with Tremolo controls for Frequency and Depth. You can jump channels like an old Marshall JMP and get great tones. Tremolo pedal original.

Recently serviced with caps, electrolytics and some tubes replaced. Sounds like a million bucks and ready to go. Comes with original Gibson GA-40 Manual. Solid condition with wear and tear, used but not abused, and a great vintage patina.

Because of the nature of this item, it is being sold as-is. We have described it to the best of our ability and are not amp experts. We list it as a 1955-1958 based on features. The speaker is dated 1958. We do not know the originality of all the parts except for the ones recently replaced. That is the extent of our information. I'm sure you amp experts out there can date it exactly.

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